Robert is a graduate of The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN, where he earned his BA in percussion performance. He has performed with the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra and at the Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) in Indianapolis, IN. He has recorded with the Belle Voce choir from St. Scholastica and has been featured as a guest artist at the annual Bring the Sing event in Duluth. While attending St. Scholastica he took part in the concert band, jazz band, world percussion ensemble, steel band, drumline, classical guitar ensemble, marimba ensemble, and toured and performed with many other ensembles on campus including the brass quintet, string orchestra, choirs, and various soloists.


Robert毕业于明尼苏达州德鲁斯的St.Schloastica学院,并在学院获得了学士学位。他曾在Bemidji交响乐团和印第安纳波利斯的打击乐国际艺术协会会议上演出。他曾与St. Schloastica的Belle Voce合唱团一起录制,并在德鲁斯的年度活动中,担任嘉宾艺术家。在參加St. Scholastica期间,他參加了音乐会乐队,爵士乐乐队,世界打击乐团,钢琴乐队,鼓乐队,古典吉他,以及合奏,马林巴乐团的演出,同时在校内与其他许多乐团一起表演,包括铜管五重奏,弦乐团,合唱团和各种独奏家合作。