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Ms Christina Lei Cheng KUOK 郭莉菁

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(MFA in Film Academy of HKBU, MA in Music Department of CUHK)  Miss Christina Lei Cheng Kuok is a part-time lecturer in CTV.  She graduated with Master of Fine Arts in Film Academy and Master of Arts in Music from Hong Kong Baptist University and Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been working in universities as an animation teacher for more than 7 years. She has previously taught multimedia and animation courses in Design School of Macao Polytechnic Institute, creative media and animation courses in Faculty of Social Sciences in University of Macau, and 3D animation in creative studies and IT courses in Macao Institute for Tourism Studies. Besides, she was invited to give animation & music talks and workshops in different institutions such as Macao Cultural Centre, Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM), The Outer Harbour Youth Activity Centre in Macao DSEJ, University of Macau – Centre for Continuing Education, music school of Macao Conservatory, Centre of Permanent Education in Macao DSEJ, etc.


郭莉菁老师是资深动画制作人及拥有七年以上动画教学经验的兼职讲师。 曾获不少动画及制作奬项,致力推动动画教育及影片制作发展。郭莉菁老师曾任教多间大学所举办的创意媒体制作课程, 如: 澳门理工学院 (设计系-日间及夜间课程)、 澳门大学 (社会科学学院-传播系-创意媒体制作课程)、 澳门旅游学院 (创意艺术及信息科技-动画制作课程)。  并曾多年受邀作各单位的活动项目教学导师, 如: 澳门文化中心 (全澳暑期儿童艺术工作坊-小导演动画逐格睇)、澳门生产力暨科技转移中心 (全澳中学创意3D物件设计比赛的比赛课程导师)、澳门教育暨青年局的外港青年活动中心 (微电影制作的课程导师)、 澳门大学持续进修学院 (数码 制作的课程导师)、澳门演艺学院 (视唱练耳导师)、 澳门成人教育中心 (电影音乐与流行曲音乐欣赏-诗词与音乐创作的课程导师) 等。