Dr Wei JIANG 蒋崴

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(PhD, Macau University; Acting Dean of DCC; Assistant Professor of CTV) Wei Jiang was officially selected by China Film Foundation to be a visiting scholar at the School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California on the T. C. Wang Fellowship. Before he went to pursue his PhD study at the University of Macau, he had professional experience in the Chinese film industry, having worked as director’s assistant, assistant director, art department coordinator, and other positions for various film and TV productions, such as John Woo’s Red Cliff I & II, Mikael Hafstorm’s Shanghai, Jin Yimeng’sSophie’s Revenge, and Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly.

(澳门大学博士、文化与创意学部署理院长、电影电视系助理教授) 蒋崴博士毕业于菲律宾国立大学大众传播学院获得硕士,曾被中国电影基金会选为汪德钟奖学金南加利福尼亚大学电影电视学院电影制作的访问学者。2014年其剧本《心之岛》获选澳门文化局电影长片援助计划。在攻读澳门大学的博士学位之前,他参与制作了多部电影及电视剧,如担任过中央电视台电影频道数字电影《爱我别错过》第一副导演,姜文导演的《让子弹飞》美术组统筹,金依萌导演的《非常完美》第二副导演、视效协作,吴宇森导演的《赤壁》上及下集的第二副导演,好莱坞电影Mikael Harstorm导演的《谍海风云》导演助理,印度宝莱坞电影《Chandni Chowk to China》美术组统筹等。