Mr Dominic Doh-Ming MAN 万多明

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(M.A., Memphis State University, USA; Associate Professor of CTV) For over 30 years, Dominic Man worked as a commercial film producer, multimedia controller, TV program producer, documentary producer/director, and creative writer and translator. He also worked as an English language instructor concentrating in Teaching English as a Second Language. He joined United International College in spring of 2008. Courses taught: Production and Media Management, Film and Television History, Studies in Asian Cinema: India, Korea, Japan, Aesthetics of Film and Corporate Video Production.

(美国孟菲斯州立大学文学硕士、电影电视系副教授)过去30多年间,万多明老师担任过商业电影制片人、多媒体总监、电视节目制作人、纪录片制片人及导演,同时他也是作家和翻译家。他于 2008 年春加入联合国际学院,曾任媒体与公共关系处处长。主要教授课程:生产和媒体管理、电影和电视史,亚洲电影研究:印度、韩国、日本、电影美学、纪录片和企业视频制作。