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Dr. Ben-Piet Venter has been lecturing Marketing, Public Relations, and other related business subjects in South Africa, South Korea, and China since 1997 after he spent 15 years working in the fields of advertising, public relations and marketing in South Africa and Namibia. Dr Venter has delivered lectures by invitation at several universities in the USA, Europe, and South East Asia. He has published several peer reviewed papers and textbooks on marketing communication and has consulted with some major South African-based multinational companies, one of which is Media 24, a large shareholder in the tencent group. His passion is unlocking the potential of students who will be future business leaders.

Ben-Piet Venter博士自1997年起,曾先后在南非、韩国和中国各大高校教授市场学、公共关系学及商业相关课程。1982年至1997年,Dr. Venter曾在南非和纳米比亚从事广告、公关及市场相关领域工作。Dr. Venter曾受邀前往美国、欧洲及东南亚各大高校巡讲,并出版了若干有关市场传播方面的学术论文和书刊。Dr. Venter也曾为南非多家跨国企业提供咨询服务,如Media 24。Dr. Venter对学术的热忱将激发学生们的潜力,帮助学生们成为未来世界的佼佼者。