English Name Chinese Name Title Office
Dr Wei JIANG 蒋崴

Assistant Professor,
Acting Dean of DCC,

Acting Programme Director of MAD



Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM)

English Name Chinese Name Title Office
Dr Purrie Pui Yee NG 吴佩仪

Associate Professor,
Programme Director of CCM

Prof Tony Lei SHI 石磊 Professor CC502-R30
Dr Barend Pieter VENTER   Associate Professor CC502-R29
Dr Iceman Hoi Yung LEUNG 梁海勇 Assistant Professor CC502-R1
Mr Paul Kwok Keung CHAN 陈国强 Part Time Lecturer CC502-R19
Ms Amy Nan JIA 贾楠 Part Time Lecturer CC502-R19
Ms K.K Wanqi WAN 万婉琪 Instructor CC502-R9
Ms Ivy Zhuo LUO 罗卓 Assistant Instructor CC502-R9
Ms Astrid Yanlin YANG 杨妍林 Assistant Instructor CC502-R19


Cinema and Television (CTV)

English Name Chinese Name Title Office
Prof. Evelyn Li Chuan MAI 麦莉娟

Programme Director of CTV

Mr Dominic Doh Ming MAN 万多明 Associate Professor CC502-R25
Mr Andrew William PEAT   Associate Professor CC502-R23
Dr Vincenzo DE MASI   Associate Professor CC502-R22
Dr Wei JIANG 蒋崴 Assistant Professor CC502-R4
Dr Benjamin Mark OLIN   Assistant Professor CC502-R23
Ms Christina Lei Cheng KUOK 郭莉菁 Part Time Lecturer CC502-R31
Ms Emma Jingni HE 贺静妮 Instructor CC502-R21
Mr Alberto GEROSA   Part Time Instructor CC502-R12
Ms Lynn Dongni LI 李冬妮 Assistant Instructor CC502-R21
Mr Young Yang LI 李洋 Technician CC502-R21
Ms Winnie Yanjing WU 伍妍婧 Assistant Instructor CC502-R21


Media Arts and Design (MAD)

English Name Chinese Name Title Office
Dr. Rochelle Yi Hsuan YANG 杨宜瑄

Assistant Professor

Mr Andy Tat Keung TAM 谭达强 Assistant Professor CC502-R2
Dr Yuan YUAN 原源 Assistant Professor CC502-R31
Dr Guido ALVAREZ   Assistant Professor CC501-R8
Dr Oksana KRYZHANIVSKA   Assistant Professor CC501-R12
Mr Zhiwan CHEUNG   Assistant Professor CC501-R9
Ms Sienna Ran SU 苏然 Assistant Instructor CC501-R1
Ms Pauline Baoling HAN 韩宝岭 Assistant Instructor CC501-R1


Musical Performance (MUS)

English Name Chinese Name Title Office Email
Dr Kris AngCheng HO 何昂铮

Associate Professor,
Acting Programme Director of MUS

Dr Henry Kim Kuok IP 叶剑国 Assistant Professor CC501-R4
Dr Fernando MARTIN PASTOR   Assistant Professor CC501-R5
Dr Echo Fanqin MENG 孟繁秦 Assistant Professor  CC501-R2
Ms Jacqueline LEUNG 梁维芝 Senior Lecturer CC501-R4
Mr Mars Siu Hong LEI 李兆康 Part Time Lecturer CC501-R6 
Mr Stephen Lik Hin LAM 林屴汧 Part Time Lecturer CC501-R6 
Ms Wanyao RONG 容万堯 Assistant Instructor CC501-R6


Administrative Staff

English Name Chinese Name Title Office
Ms Sabrina Jing SUN 孙镜 Senior Administrative Officer CC502-R8
Ms Zoie Ying ZHOU 周颖 Administrative Officer CC502-R8
Ms Rita Tengzehong XU 徐滕泽宏 Administrative Assistant CC502-R7
Ms Amber Weiyi HUANG 黄薇伊 Administrative Assistant CC502-R7
Ms Zeyu XU 徐泽宇 Administrative Assistant CC502-R7