Students wishing to apply for the Minor Programme in Music must pass an online audition examination. Students should strictly follow the time limit per question, late submission of answers may incur a penalty of the available mark. Students are recommended to use Desktop or Laptop to take the online audition. The structure of the audition is listed below:

a) Pitch aural test: The candidate will be played a single note at the piano which must be sung back (4 points). After, the candidate will be played 2 pitches played simultaneously which must be sung back (6 points). (Total: 10 points).

b) Rhythmic aural test: The candidate will be played 2 short rhythms (12 points) which must be clapped back. (Total: 24 points).

c) Melodic aural test: The candidate will be played 2 short melodies (12 points) which must be sung back. (Total: 24 points).

d) Performance: A performance of two short contrasting works (between two and five minutes each in duration). (Total: 40 points.)

e) Sight-reading: Candidates are required to sight-read a short passage on his/her primary instrument. (Total: 10 points.)

f) Interview: Candidates will be asked about concerts they have given and concerts they have attended, amongst other relevant issues. (Total: 16 points.)

*For part a – d, students must record and upload their answers in any audio format (e.g. mp3, m4a) to iSpace. For part e – f, students need to complete it on Zoom.  

For those who do not have instruments, please complete part a, b, c, f first and contact Ms. Wanyao Rong (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further arrangement.