While the provision of the MAD programme is a new development in UIC, majority of graduates of similar programmes in other institutions have secured employment in design companies, film companies, web companies, animation companies, production houses, museums, galleries, art houses, and other employment areas directly related to the creative industries.  As aforementioned, the MAD programme aims at preparing students to develop their careers in a rich array of professions as:

  1. Artists (painter, sculptor, digital artists, sound artists, etc.)
  2. Designers (product designer, web designer, commercial designer, etc.)
  3. Art administrator (museum, gallery staff )
  4. Art agent


Moreover, graduates of the MAD programme can also pursue postgraduate studies in different areas, for example:

  1. Digital production
  2. Animation and motion design
  3. Interdisciplinary projects & performance
  4. Interactive arts
  5. Audio-visual design
  6. Product design