The CTV program is well-equipped with state of-the-art facilities, including:

Multi-function media production centre

Multimedia screening venue

Television production studio

Sound-recording studio

Sound booth

HD video editing laboratory

Digital video workstation, using Final Cut Pro editing software

Digital animation facilities using Maya workstations and animation software

HDV video camera

HD camera

DVCAM video camera

Steadicam for film and video shooting, and professional shooting accessories

Video server for digital video and audio storage



The details of the facilities and equipment are as below:

Facilities of the CTV Programme:

Multi-Function Media Production Centre 1 Space: 212㎡ Setting: Studio floor, production control room, master control room  Equipment:  Spotlight 12, Soorlight Controller, Trichro 20 Light Track, Rocker, Control System. Silicon box, Six-axle Electric, Green Screen.
Multimedia Screening Venue 1 Space: 200㎡ Setting: Studio floor, Equipment: Control System. HD Projector, Screen.
Television Production Studio 1 Space: 212㎡ Setting: Studio floor, production control room, master control room Equipment: Spotlight 12, Soorlight Controller, Trichro Light 20, Track, Rocker, Control System. Silicon box, Six-axle Electric, Green Screen.
Sound-Recording Studio 1 Space: 200㎡ Setting: Studio floor, production control room, master control room Equipment: Control System: Control Universal Pro, Control Extender Pro, Big Knob, HD Projector, Screen, Onomatopoeia pond.
Sound Booth 3 Space: 3*10㎡ Setting: Studio floor, production control room, Equipment: Mac Pro *3, HiFi, with Soundtrack Pro. Software packages, Control Universal Pro
HD Video Editing Laboratory 2  Mac Lab (Final Cut workstation):  Space: 95 Equipment: 33 Apple Mac (Pro & Imac using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Master Collection),  PC Lab (Premier workstation):  Space: 150    Equipment: 29 PC work station (HP using AdobeProduction Premium),
Maya Animation Workstation Lab 1 Space: 86㎡ Equipment: 26 PC work station (HP using Adobe Design Premium with Adobe Flash and Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop; and Maya software packages 2012) , HD Projector, Screen



The software list of the CTV Programme

Final Cut Pro Editing Software 36 Final Cut Studio 2 (11 Packages) Final Cut Studio 3 (3 packages) Final Cut X (22 packages) Motion 4   (22 packages) Final Sub  (3 packages) Adobe Production Master, Adobe CS6
Maya and Animation Software 26 Adobe Design Premium with Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator (26 packages) Maya 2012 (26 packages)
Premier Editing Software 29 Adobe Production Premium CS3 29 Adobe Production Premium CS6 15



The equipment list of the CTV Programme

Camera 15 Canon 50D (10) Canon 400D (4) Canon 5D Mark 2 (1)
HDV Video Camera 23 Sony A1C(20), Sony Z1C (3)
HD Camera 30 Canon XF305HD(3), Canon XF300HD(4), Panasonic AG-HPX173MC(2), AG-HPX303MC(1). Sony VG30(20),
DVCAM Video Camera 6 Sony DCR-200AP
Lighting 44 LED Light 18 CN-600CSA   8 LP-DB1024CT 8 CN126       2 High color temperature 9 : Lightstar LS-4000E 1 Lightstar LS-2000E 2 Lightstar LS-1200E 3 Lightstar LS-575E  3 Low color temperature 17 DTJ-II-1000       2 DTJ-II-2000       2 NG-455AB        3 Red Head Light Kit   10
Lens 18 Canon-lens: 20mm(3), 35m(3), 50mm(4), 85mm(3), 100mm(1), 70-200mm(1), 16-35mm(1), 24-105mm(1), Film Lens HAC13*4.5
Steadicam for Film and Video Shooting, and Professional Shooting Accessories More than 88 MovcamD201(with jacket), Frankie MH-631 (10), TILTA II(3), Rode NTG2&3(6), Sennheiser MKH416(1), SHURE KSM(2), Track (9), Rocker (11), Tripod: Sony(10), E-image(6), Benro(18), H4n Zoom(6), Other Accessories Wondlan monitor(8), Wondlan  Steadicam jacket(5), Camera wireless controller (8), C-stand(7), Portable Shooting System
Video Server (for digital video and audio storage) 1 HD Footage Library (9TB)
Sound Equipment   Microphone: Rode NTG2 (3), Rode NTG3(3), Sennheiser MKH416(1), SHURE KSM(2),BJ-VC521H(10),Sony ECM-672(8), Sony UWP-C1(3), Recorder: Zoom H4n(6),Tascam DR-40(8), Recording fittings: Boom(18),RODE Boom(6), US-144(1),Fostex PM-2 MK11(1), Sennheiser HD555(2), Sound Control System: Yamaha MG-166CX(1), M-Audio Audiohpile 2496PCI(1), Sound Console XENYX1204F(1), Sound Control System CONTROL UNIVERSAL PRO(3), CONTROL EXTENDER PRO(1), BIG KNOB(1),