Employment Opportunities for Cinema and Television Graduates

The majority of past graduates of the CTV programme have found employment in TV stations, film companies, web companies, animation companies, production houses, advertising companies, drama crews, and other employment areas directly related to the creative industries. There are also about one third of graduates going abroad – to Europe, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan for further studies in both practical and theoretical areas.


Following the footsteps of previous graduates of the CTV programme, future cohorts can look forward to the pursuit of postgraduate study in the Greater China Region and overseas, or careers such as the following:

  • Film and television scriptwriters
  • Film and television directors
  • Assistant directors
  • Film and television producers
  • Film and television managers
  • Production managers
  • Production assistants
  • New media producers
  • Cultural workers
  • Visual and creative arts administrators
  • Researchers of institutions or TV stations
  • Creative professionals or planners of public relations or advertising agencies
  • Planners or programmers of communication and production corporations, or TV stations    











External Cooperation

CTV has cooperated with several companies and media organizations in order to provide more practical opportunities for students to demonstrate their professional skills and talents. Recent examples include the following:

ctv-cp12.jpg   ctv-cp13.jpg
In September 2013, Huayi Bros. Media Group began broadcasting the films of our graduating students.   Between June and September of 2012, Tudou included CTV productions on their website.
ctv-cp14.jpg   ctv-cp15.jpg
CTV cooperated with Zhuhai TV to provide internships for students. In September 2012, CTV students won awards in the “Golden Key” Creative Production Competition.   Since March 2013, CTV has cooperated with Southern TV to provide opportunities for students who are interested in writing scripts.

Summer Internship

CTV coordinates many summer internship opportunities for third year students. Some participating companies in the past have included: