For Mainland China Applicants:

Students who have sat the People’s Republic of China National College Entrance Examinations (NCEE) of the current year and have met the college’s entrance benchmark are eligible to apply.

Every year, the minimum admission requirements of different mainland provinces/regions where the College admits students vary. The minimum admission requirements for 2014-15 are pending approval by the mainland educational authorities.  For the admission requirements of 2013-14, please refer to “Appendix A.”

Besides the NCEE Scheme, a small proportion of mainland students (normally about ten percent) apply for admission via the Direct Entry system and this category of students must pass the College’s written and oral English examination for admission purposes. References will also be made to their school and NCEE performance, if available.

*Applicants from Guangdong  Province, please refer to for more details.

For Hong Kong Applicants:

For students taking HKDSE for admission, the General Entrance Requirements are as follows:

(1) English Language: Level 3
(2) Chinese Language: Level 3
(3) Mathematics: Level 2
(4) Liberal Studies: Level 2
(5) Elective: Level 2 in one course

For Hong Kong students who have not taken the HKDSE, the entrance requirements will consist of the following:

  1. have obtained a Grade E or above in at least six courses* in Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) including Chinese Language or an alternative language (other than Chinese and English) and English Language** with at least five courses in a single sitting; and
  2. have satisfactorily completed Form 6 in Hong Kong***

*5 courses are acceptable if the total of these 5 grades is not less than 8 points ("Level 5* to 2" or "Grade A to E" shall be given points 5 to 1 respectively).

** For English Language attempted before 2007, Grade C in English Language (Syllabus A) is considered equivalent to Grade E in English Language (Syllabus B).

***Preference will be given to candidates who possess Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations results. Associate Degree holders may apply for direct admission to year 2 or 3.

In addition to the above requirements, the College may, if deemed necessary, also conduct an interview for the applicants.

For Macau Applicants:

Students from High Schools: Fulfilment of the College Admission Requirements for GCE applicants*.

Recognised English Language Qualification: An English language qualification equivalent to Level 3 of HKDSE English Language, as deemed acceptable by the College#.

*GCE Qualifications

Eligible applicants should obtain passes in:

  1. At least six courses (including English and Chinese/ an alternative language other than Chinese or English) in the General Certificate of Education at Ordinary Level/ General Certificate of Secondary Education/International General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCEOL/ GCSE/ IGCSE) Examination in two consecutive years; AND

    At least two Advanced Level (AL) courses or one AL plus two Advanced Supplementary (AS) courses, excluding Chinese and English language courses; OR

  2. At least three Advanced Level (AL) courses or two AL plus two Advanced Supplementary (AS) courses, excluding Chinese and English language courses.


GCSE Short Courses are not recognised by the College for undergraduate admission. Double Award GCSEs are counted as two courses.

#Alternative English Language Qualifications

The following public examination results are recognised by the College as equivalent to Level 3 of HKDSE English Language:

  1. A score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) or 79 (Internet-based) or above in TOEFL; or
  2. A score of 6.5 or above in International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Academic Level; or
  3. Grade C or above in GCE O-Level/ GCSE/ IGCSE English; or
  4. Grade E or above in GCE AS Level or AL Level English; or
  5. Grade E or above in HKALE Use of English (AS Use of English); or
  6. Grade 4 or above in IB English A1 or A2 (Higher Level); or
  7. Grade 5 or above in IB English A1 or A2 (Standard Level); or
  8. For applicants applying on the basis of qualifications other than HKDSE, other HKDSE equivalent English Language qualifications deemed acceptable by the College.

In addition to the above requirements, the College may, if deemed necessary, also conduct an interview for the applicants.

For Overseas Applicants:

Applicants who apply for admission on the basis of their overseas qualifications should have the overseas qualifications recognised by the College which essentially follows the relevant requirements at HKBU. Applicants are normally expected to have obtained 12 years of pre-university schooling and graduated with qualifications of secondary education that are acceptable for consideration of admission to colleges/universities in the countries where these qualifications are obtained.

Admission is on a competitive basis. Applicants who satisfy the above general college requirements are not guarantee admission to the College. There may also be specific programme requirements that they have to fulfil. 

Successful applicants are normally admitted to year 1 of the 4-year undergraduate programmes. In the case of transferred students (i.e., who are current studying a degree programme at an overseas tertiary education institution recognised by the College), they can apply for the transfer of credits for equivalent courses at the College. The number of credits that can be transferred from an applicant's previous university/college depends on the depth and relevancy of the courses and the programme in which he/she is enrolled as well as the grades obtained. Students may be granted, at the recommendation of the Divisions, transfer credits which amount to no more than one-quarter of the total credits required for graduation. By special approval of the Academic Registrar/Deputy Academic Registrar, a student may receive transfer credits of up to one-half of the credits required for graduation.


For Physically Challenged Applicants:

The College views applications from students with physical challenges on an equal basis with applications from other students. There are no inherent requirements laid down for this programme that might discriminate against the admission of students with particular physical limitation. Physically challenged applicants are requested to indicate the nature of their limitation on the application forms. Their limitation does not in any manner affect the chances of their admission, provided that the programmes applied for is such that the applicants are physically able to cope with the programme requirements.