Frequent Asked Questions  

1. Where is UIC?

UIC is located in the beautiful coastal city of Zhuhai in the southern region of China. Zhuhai is adjacent to Macao and Hong Kong, connected by the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. It has been given special attention to make it a clean and comfortable place to live due to the importance of the city and its character.

2. Can I see the pictures of UIC?

Yes, you can take a Virtual Tour of UIC through Campus 360. Here is the link:

3. Why are students awarded the Degree certificates instead of Graduation Diploma from HKBU?

Graduates from Hong Kong, Macau and overseas universities will only be awarded Degree certificates upon completion.

4. What are the advantages of studying music performance programme in UIC?

The core programme is taught in English by an international faculty, including all the essential courses found in reputable universities and music institutions around the world that allows graduates to get further studies abroad. Also, there are many opportunities for students to pursue interdisciplinary project work with other programmes, including arts, science and commerce. This helps graduates obtain global vision and develop their advanced critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills though the comprehensive study.

5. What can I do if I am not good at English?

The English Language Centre (ELC) of UIC offers required courses under the General Education Office with teaching staff from more than 30 English-speaking countries and regions, including United Kingdom, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Besides these courses, the ELC runs quite a number of clubs every week and organizes regular workshops, such as English Enhancement Program and English Clubs, providing students with additional English exposure to enhance their English proficiency in written and spoken communication. Also, students from Music Performance programme are required to take part in an English Enhancement Program to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

6. What makes UIC become a university with world-class facilities?

There are well equipped practice rooms with full series of Steinway pianos, Pro Tools recording and media studios. Acoustic superb performance venues including rehearsals studios and a variety of concert halls, as well as library and resource center provide students with the best facilities and environment to practice and study. For more information, please go to the link below

7. How many students of UIC?

So far, there are around 6000 current students.

8. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, there are scholarships available for many situations, you can browse more information via the link below:

9. How does UIC maintain its teaching quality?

All programmes of UIC have been examined and approved by both the Ministry of Education and HKBU Academic Registry, ensuring they are aligning with the international academic standards, market demands and global trends. This makes it possible for students who want to get further studies abroad to transfer their credits.

10. Admission 

For admission to the College’s undergraduate degree programmes, applicants are required to:

1) Meet the People’s Republic of China National College Entrance Examinations (NCEE) of the current year.

2) Pass the  Professional Music Unify Examination by the Education Examination Authority of Province.

3) Achieve a score of 80 or above of English in NCEE.

11. Admission ranges

Guangdong Province: 8 people

Sichuan Province: 2 people

Standard full-time course duration: 4 years 

Bachelor Degree certificates from HKBU and Graduation Diploma from UIC will be awarded upon completion

12. Selection mechanism 

The programme opens to both arts and science students, considers prior academic performance andfollows the parallel Preference Selection principle. 

13. Tuition fee

108000 RMB Annual