Dr Purrie Pui-Yee NG 吴佩仪博士


Dr. NG first practised as an interior designer in residential and commercial projects and as a set designer in Radio Television Hong Kong. Then she joined the Curriculum Development Institute (Visual Arts) of Education and Manpower Bureau as Project Co-ordinator in curriculum design and teaching materials. Later she attained substantial experience in teaching, exhibition, programme management and revalidation, dissertation guidance and curriculum planning in various colleges. Her thesis is about environmentally-friendly design in hotel industries. Other papers include commodified images of wedding packages, needs assessment of design students.


吴佩仪博士现任文化创意与管理专业系主任。香港理工大学设计学博士,香港理工大学设计学院硕士, 获加拿大缅尼吐巴大学学士, 香港理工大学教育证书。曾任家居及商业工程项目的室内设计师,继而在香港电台电视部作布景设计师,有丰富的教学经验,曾于多间大专院校任教,统筹美术展览活动,课程管理及评审,论文指导及课程设计等等。