S.E.E.D. is the abbreviations of Seek, Engage, Express and Diversity. These four words contain the vision of whole-person university students in liberal-art education. Starting from “Seek”, it indicates a sense of curiosity as well as the speculation and exploration to the world. It is “Engage” after seeking, which represents the care to UIC community with citizen responsibility. When engaging in the community, also “Express” in it. “Express” means the ability of independent thinking and the atmosphere of free discussion, when taking in different voices. “Diversity”, as the core and context of the former three parts, signifies the integration of knowledge and inspiration of interdisciplines.



a. Guest: CHEN Wen-Sheng (Comics artist, rewarded The Best New Comic Artist in the 7th Golden  Comic Award in Taiwan)

Time: 9:00-12:00 14th Oct

Venue: CC125 Sculpture Room

Content: Participants can create their own four panel comics through brushes under the guidance of CHEN.

b. Guest: WANG Chung-Kun (Young Artist from Taiwan)

Time: 14:00-17:00 14th Oct

Venue: CC208 Photography Room

Content: Participants could create their own music installation with the help of WANG, simultaneously feeling the fusion of technology and music. (Participants can keep their own finished products)



Time: 14:00-17:00 15th Oct

Venue: CC324 Exhibition Hall


a. Name: YE Tie-Qiao (Former Operations Executive of China Youth Daily’s Sina Weibo, the founder of CiWeiGongShe)

Topic: From Printed Media to New Media

b.Name: TSENG Yu-Chuan (Digital Artist, Associate Professor of Public Relations and Advertising at Shin Hsin University in Taiwan)

Topic: Social Design

c. Name: CHEN Wen-Sheng (Comics artist, rewarded The Best New Comic Artist in the 7th Golden Comic Award)

Topic: Imagination and Comics

d. Name: CHIU Chih-Yung (Dean of the Division of Culture and Creativity at UIC and Director of Media Arts and Design Program at UIC.)

Topic: Data and Contemporary Image Culture

Division of Culture and Creativity